A Day In My Life|| Shopping In Lagos Edition

Hello! And welcome to another fun time on my blog😁 I’m back at it for the second time with the events that unfolded and the activities that were done in a day in my life. You can first check out My initial post on A Day In My Life on a weekday on vacation if you haven’t yet😁

With that being said, let’s get into today’s stories! Today is going to be all about my day’s event in the biggest busiest lagos market called EKO-IDUMOTA, so grab your snacks and come with me😄.

6:00 – 9:00, I was woken up as usual by my mother’s persistent knocking on my bedroom door at 6:00, this time I did get up and answered but I went back to bed almost immediately😁.

I then woke up finally at 7:30, had my morning prayers then afterwards I stayed busy in my room till 9:00, and by busy I mean, I spent some minutes more insta- stalking my timeline on Instagram and also checking updates on my Snapchat, reading interesting, relevant blog posts and just being lazy ha ha.


9:00 – 10:30, At 9:00, I finally decided to grace the other areas in the house with my presence, places like the kitchen and dining room😂, first I had to greet all important personalities in my home, well basically my mom and dad😅.

Then I made my way down to the treasure store, I had a quick meal of bread, margarine and green tea. During the meal, My mom joined me and we started discussing our plan for the day.

10:30 – 11:30, We ended our discussions and I went further to start my preparation for my day, first, I called my driving lesson instructor that I wouldn’t make it on this day (story-time on my Driving lesson experience coming soon!😃). So class was cancelled. At 11:30, I was ready to go and my mom was ready to go, so nothing to wait for! We moved.


11:40 – 18:00, So now, we’ve left the house to go take a bus. Mom refused to take her car because she was not sure of any car packing space at our destination, I was low-key pissed but I got over it😂. We found a bus, got in and we were on our way, it was quite a long journey. I dozed off couple of times in the bus. We finally arrived at 12:45 and the journey began.

I wanted some items, my mom and sister did too! My sister didn’t come along but she rather gave my mom a long to-do list, not just that, she then also decided to be a pest! monitoring each buys with phone calls, repeating same instructions multiple times Aaargh. I wanted to rip off her mouth through the phone😂.

Finally, we successfully completed all my sister’s orders (thank heavens🙄) and it was time to begin mine! Also trust, I was the one carrying all our purchases😫. There were lots and lots of people, I had to secure my bag well so I wouldn’t cry later. My mom also was carrying her bag under her arms in a way that if anyone wanted to snatch her bag, they will have to snatch her as a person too together with her bag😂


We went round the market, buying things and filling up the shopping bag. More work for me! I was so flipping hot, I was sweating bullets😂 I was also very irritable because everyone was pushing on me and bumping into me. So I was just a little gas engine. Fuming 😤!

The market was very organized in the sense that particular sellers of product stayed at designated places in the market. Making our shopping more difficult because everything we wanted was located deep in the market. Oh my lord! At this point I wasn’t even concerned with looking cute no more. No one cares how you look😂 even my mom wore some ugly ass flats, which she wouldn’t wear on a normal outing.

We bought some clothes, bags, plates and so many more! By the time we were done, I couldn’t carry the items no more! They were too flipping heavy. We had to employ a market helper to assist us with the bag for a small fee. By 17:00, we were done shopping and ready to go. The helper helped take the bags to the bus park, where we paid her and boarded a cab back home.


There was just a bit of traffic on the way but we did arrive back to our location in time.

18:00 – 19:30, We arrived at the bus-stop, alighted and invited another helper to carry the bags home. I was just too tired to do it, and my mom obviously wouldn’t do it too. The helper took the bags to the gate and we (my mom and I) carried them inside.

When we finally arrived home, I dumped the bags rushed to my room to take a long, cold shower! My body was disgustingly sticky. I wasn’t feeling it at all. After the shower, I felt happy and refreshed again.

My mom and I then unpacked the bags briefly then I went in for my lunch of rice and plantain with catfish stew. It was a happy moment for me because I was so hungry!



19:40 – 21:30, Afterwards,we left home for an evening church service, I was very reluctant to go though because I was so tired but my mom won’t hear any of my excuses 😂, at 21:30 the church service was over and we started the journey back home.

22:00 – 00:00, Upon arriving home, I was still too full from my late lunch so I just proceeded to my bedroom to take another shower ha ha ( I love showers) then I prepped my face and skin for bed. After finishing my routine, I got on my laptop to watch some YouTube videos and to have other important stuffs done.

After a while, I rounded up all activities but left the YouTube videos playing (sorry dad, I wasted your wifi data he he) I turned off all the lights and went to bed.

P.s- I woke up later in the midnight to put a stop to the videos😂

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