A Day In My Life With My Buddy June

Hi there! Can you guess what time is it? Yes! you’re right, It’s that fun time again to share the various happenings that occurred in a day in my life. Today, I shall be featuring my longtime (childhood) friend in this day’s event. He goes by the name June, he is my really good friend whom I love very dearly and he is a blogger too (hurray!!😁). We’ve been apart for quite sometime now, a few years to be exact, so it felt great to reconnect and do fun stuffs together.

Please do check out his blog page at XIII. JUNE there he writes poetries and everything interesting about music. On that note let’s get right into this day’s event.

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6:00 – 9:30: I woke up at 6 AM, lazily rolled around my bed a-bit, said my morning prayers later and then went into the bathroom for my shower time. I bathed quickly, got ready and went downstairs at 7:50 AM for my breakfast. I ate and then left home at 8 AM.

I walked briskly to the bus-stop, so as to board a motorcycle to the clinic. Luckily, I found a bike fast and I got to the clinic in 10 minutes. By then, the hospital’s ward round had already commenced, I just quickly joined in and acted like I wasn’t even late😁. We continued the rounds till 9:30 AM, afterwards the round came to an end and it was time to see the out-patients.

9:40 – 12:30: Now, the outpatients were already consulting with the physicians and I was the able-bodied assistant ready to do the little tasks and run errands ( I enjoyed been useful). By 10:20 AM, the Medical Director of the clinic arrived. I rushed off to welcome and greet him warmly, then later I stayed in his office to observe his consultations and take useful notes.

After the consultations, he began asking me some questions (as per usual🙄) which I answered but then he decided to explain the topic further to me. he then requested I get a particular physiology textbook that would have been useful to me in my studies and practice. He then provided me with the funds to get the book and also the Bus fee ( He is quite nice, right?!🙂). I took the money, got ready to go to the bookshops at a location called YABA in Lagos to inquire about the book and also possibly purchase it. I left the clinic 20 minutes later and made my way to my sister’s place of business to have lunch.


12:40 – 21:00: I arrived at my sister’s business place as it wasn’t far from the clinic. Few minutes after I arrived, there came a heavy downpour. Oh no! I had to wait a bit and in those minutes also call my dear friend June to know if he would like to come with me to YABA or not. Luckily, he agreed to be my able-bodied guard😃 But ofcourse, he couldn’t come around in the rain, so he had to wait for the rain to subside before taking off. Miraculously, the rain stopped, about 20 minutes later June arrived. He came into the shop, greeted my sister, had a little general chat before we decided it was time to bounce.

Firstly, we decided to visit the popular eatery in Lagos called Dominoes and Cold Stone. We had the Suya and Hot Chic Pizza with coke drinks. No cold stone for me! Because I don’t really fancy ice cream nowadays.

While waiting for the arrival of our ordered pizzas, we played a card game called THE CITY OF LAGOS. He claimed I cheated throughout but I disagree! I was just very smart 😂. After what seem like an eternity, the pizzas finally arrived. We ate, laughed and basked in each other’s company.


After a few hours, we took off for YABA. We went to the BRT bus stop and boarded a bus to a place called FADEYI from there, we were going to take a commercial bus to YABA. The journey to YABA was traffic free I was really happy. I and June also had a really jolly conversation. So it was a great funny journey to YABA.

On getting to FADEYI, we boarded a danfo bus to YABA and in 30 minutes we arrived at Our destination. We got there at 3:50PM. Immediately we got off the bus, we were met with constant unending harassments from the sellers trying to convince us to purchase their merchandise and pedestrians walking along bumping into us. We endured and finally arrived at the first bookshop, I requested for the book but it had never been heard of. Ok, cool. June and I kept our hopes up, facing the positives only. We then went to the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th………………..20th bookshop but absolutely no luck.

At this point, June was already grumbling and whining about how it was a “never ending” quest (Thanks June for nothing!😒) I finally allowed him have his way by putting an end to the search at 6PM and going back to the bus station.

Once again, we passed the offensive sellers🙄 to get to the bus station. We boarded the BRT bus and we were greeted with a massive traffic ahead. Oh Shit!

tenor (24)

I was annoyed but didn’t think much of it because June kept delighting me with his very dry jokes. I had to keep laughing so he wouldn’t feel bad (what we do for our friends😂).

So we were stuck in traffic but as well having fun talking about different topics, telling funny stuffs and giving each other some thoughtful opinions. The other passengers in the bus kept looking back at us out of annoyance, because we were laughing loudly and having fun but unfortunately they were just very tired to deal with our excesses (Sorry, not sorry).

Thankfully, the traffic subsided and we were once again speeding freely home. We finally arrived in Ikorodu town at 20:00.

20:00 – 20:30: Once at Ikorodu town, we decided on our next plan of movement which was ofcourse home way. So, he decided to walk me home, well… because I don’t like walking alone at night in Lagos (ha ha, leave my scared ass alone😂) after getting to the junction of my home, I also then decided to return the favor by crossing the busy road with him and putting him on a safe bike to take him to his house. (He was too scared to do it himself as well ha ha Just kidding)

P.s from June- I had mad fun today, not just because I met with a good old friend unprepared, but because we both haven’t changed much, at least towards ourselves and each other since the last time we were together some years ago.

20:35 – 22:00: We said our final goodbyes, I then watched the bike rode off into the dark. Only then did I take the short distance back home. Once home, I went immediately to my room to bounce in the bathroom for a long hot shower, I was so tired.

Afterwards, I came downstairs for dinner and tiredly ate my meal then I called June to confirm his safe arrival home. After that, I went straight to bed for a well deserved rest. My parents got back home from meetings and work at 22:00, I woke up briefly to greet them with my mom sarcastically sympathizing with me for my long fruitless journey😆🙄 (Thanks mom also for nothing!) oh well! It was all good. After entertaining her sarcasm, I went back to bed to continue my sweet relaxing sleep😇

giphy (56)

P.s- The next day at work, I asked my senior colleagues (the doctors) if they had an idea about the said book but as expected they also had no idea what book it was.

That got me thinking that the book was probably a very old textbook that got discontinued a long time ago.😂😂

Thank you June for embarking on that journey with me, if I was alone I’ll probably would have been very angry and frustrated but the presence of a trusted friend made me not think of the stress. Please don’t forget to check out my friend’s blog at XIII. JUNE and find him on Instagram at Xiii.June.

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