My Time At Driving Lessons Pt 1: The Disorganized Car Safety Class

Finally I learnt how to move a car! Though I’m quite late to the party haha but I finally achieved that. But the whole process of learning was such a bumpy little ride. This story will be in three parts and this is the first exciting part of my story. Enjoy😅


So, my mother came in contact with a certain driving school which till this day remains nameless to me because I really don’t think it had a name, she negotiated the price and the sum of 20,000 naira (55USD) was agreed upon. The Money was paid, everything was set and the only thing remaining was my presence so the training can commence.

It was a month’s long program broken into 2 parts, first was the theoretical aspects in the classroom which would touch on the car and road safety rules. These lessons were for 5days. Then the second part was the actual practical training involving driving a car.

tenor (22)

I arrived at the school with my mom in high spirits, excited to commence my training, I filled in the registration form and I was given a safety and highway rules book which I didn’t study ha ha. After the collection of these materials the lessons started. Not more than 10 minutes after the lesson began, the instructor’s phone rang quite loudly🙄 He apologized and took the incoming call, I was like, ‘ok not a problem, just once won’t hurt,right?!’ boy was I wrong!😂 The calls kept coming in, to the extent that he had to stop teaching and hand over the lesson to his assistant. Haha I was a little pissed but I got over it.

Now, the assistant had taken over the class but I couldn’t concentrate because first, his bad grammar was killing me slowly 😂 and secondly his boss was having loud phone conversations in the class. It was crazy! I needed to be saved😂. In the middle of this already really interesting class, the people the first teacher was loudly talking to on the phone arrived and started to have yet another noisy conversation with the boss in the corner of the same class in which I was learning. Like what is really happening here?😂

At this point, we have two noisy men in the class, the assistant trying to keep his thoughts together as he teaches with bad grammar and the student (me) barely hearing anything from all the multiple voices in the class. I had to be excused as I couldn’t stand the annoying voices anymore. The class ended earlier than usual.

giphy (49)

After the first day, my enthusiasm for the theory class dropped to 0.5%, the remaining days in that class, I could barely keep my eyes opened due to the intense boredom that overwhelmed me each time I sat for the lectures, I had to tell the instructor I wanted to finish a day early. I couldn’t take it no more!

After my request has been accepted, we ended the class early and it was time to meet my practical training instructor the next day.

From the moment I arrived, got introduced and left. I was low key pissed😂 Why? Find out in in the second part of this story.

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2 thoughts on “My Time At Driving Lessons Pt 1: The Disorganized Car Safety Class

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