My Time At Driving Lessons Pt 2: The Inconsiderate Driving Instructor

Hi! and Welcome back to my blog, Sometimes ago I wrote the First part of my driving lesson tales, if you haven’t seen that yet, click here to read all about it. Before coming back to continue the story from the second part, trust me. It’s worth it😁

So, the day finally came for me to meet my official driving instructor. I had mixed feelings well… because first, I was excited and again I didn’t want any funny business on that day. But tell me why? I had to wait an hour for the instructor who should have been waiting for me to show up and He came casually by foot without the training car. What! First, you wasted my time? And now you didn’t bring my object of affection?! I was pissed. He came up with silly excuses of excessive traffic on the way and he couldn’t drive and blah blah blah. Well, To hell with your sob tale, sir. So much for a first impression.

so I couldn’t have my lessons that day ofcourse, I just got to meet my selfish instructor. Initially I thought it was going to be a quick one but boy was I wrong! The moments I tried to take my leave, He would start a new conversation just to delay me, like you already done fucked up why are you trying to delay me now?! Unbelievable but I spent an extra hour listening to his talkative self, I had to forcefully leave when I couldn’t take no more.

tenor (23)

The weekend went by quickly, Monday rolled by and my training finally commenced, I was a little scared at first moving an automobile, I made a lot of mistakes that made my instructor scream bloody murder at me😂. I kept making mistakes differentiating between the clutch, brake and accelerator but I later caught on.

As I didn’t like to say much during practice because he wasn’t my favorite person, he noticed this and he went ahead to tell me not to stay quiet during lessons, as speaking up during lessons would help overcome my fears. Oh wow! That works?! Thanks for nothing🙄

The next day was a rainy day, but I was eager to attend driving lessons anyways. I called the instructor to confirm if he was going to be available for classes, he said ofcourse! So, I rushed off in the rain to meet him.

On getting there, he was nowhere to be found🙄 What on earth is happening here?!! I called him multiple times but no answer, already my umbrella was too little for the rain’s intensity.

giphy (50)

I was so mad! I was fuming, I called up my mom and complained bitterly to her. Then afterwards, I went home very angry and disappointed.

The next day, mine and my mother’s phone were been blown up by the driving instructor and the entire driving class crews. So much apologies! Wtf! You wouldn’t even need to be apologizing if you had done the right thing initially. After listening to unending apologies, finally I told him that next time, a simple phone call to inform me of his plans would be appreciated. And I wouldn’t like to be led on again. Period! I then decided to put his nasty behavior behind me and continue with my lessons.

After that day, he changed for the better🙄 and lessons continued as usual. I learnt how to move the car forward and backward also using only the side mirrors. I finally started building my driving confidence. There was a time I accelerated way too much and he looked at me like, what do you think you’re doing?! Stop! You’re still learning ha ha.

giphy (52)

Though, I still made some little mistakes that earned me some screams and warnings from the instructor but oh well, doesn’t matter😁. I finally got a grip on the driving lesson, wasn’t as difficult as I initially thought anyways.

After 4 days, car field training was over! And it was time to get on the highway, how did I do? Was I petrified? Find out in the final part of this story .

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3 thoughts on “My Time At Driving Lessons Pt 2: The Inconsiderate Driving Instructor

  1. […] If you haven’t see the first part The disorganized car Safety Class and the second part The inconsiderate driving instructor , I suggest you read those first before you read further […]

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  2. Oh wow I would have lost my mind. I don’t care how bad of a job I’m doing at driving, you have blown me off twice, you can stay nice. Lol. Another great story in the journey of learning to drive!!! 💚💜💙

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    1. Haha))
      Thank you so much❤️❤️

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