My Time At Driving Lessons Pt 3: The Overcrowded Car

Hi! And Welcome back to my blog. Today I shall be sharing the final part of my driving lesson stories. If you haven’t see the first part The disorganized car Safety Class and the second part The inconsiderate driving instructor , I suggest you read those first before you read further 😁.

So, finally… I got on the road! After completing four not so intense training on the field, it was time to complete the last stage of my training. The day arrived, I got to the school and ofcourse I was kept waiting a long time before he showed up. When he finally did, he offered no apologies. Nothing!

giphy (60)

He just got in the car and started driving, Hmmm sir, why are you driving? Ain’t I supposed to be driving though🤔. But oh well, what did I know? Maybe it was the rules.

He drove to a less busy road, stopped and my day’s training started. I went over, buckle up, adjusted my mirrors, engaged the gear and off I went. I wasn’t so petrified actually, I was very confident on the road even though I was switching lanes unknowingly ha ha. My instructor kept screaming at me to return to my rightful lane but the gist is, I didn’t even notice the car was switching lanes at will😂 I thought I was driving right like the perfect driver I thought I was.

Also, I was going on the bad road without using the brakes. I forgot how to use the brakes for a hot minute and of course as per usual, that scored me some screams from my instructor. He kept saying ‘submit yourself to the road’ hmmm, is the road a god, sir?!😂 oh well! He was exaggerating as usual because I was actually trying my hardest to control my speed. I’m sure I was moving like a snail on the freeway.


Training went on as usual, day after day until a particular day when He requested me to arrive at 8AM. I arrived at the site at 8:05 AM… Tell me why! My instructor hasn’t arrived yet🙄 like really? You were even insisting on 8 AM.

He arrived 15 minutes later😒 as usual, always late! after getting in the rickety car, two other ladies joined, I was left wondering why they were there?! But tell me why? Half way into the journey another man joined the crew. Ok sir, what is happening here?! Lagos is no joke, am I getting kidnapped?😂.

Only to find out later that, they were all driving students and the teacher was having a joint class situation, hmmm what?! I don’t even know these people so why did you think I would want to waste my time watching them drive🤔 shocking!

I shook off my hidden grief, made sure I had my driving lesson first and later work up my plan of escape from this time wasting arrangements. I sat back in the car, endured 30 minutes of watching one of the ladies drive. When she was done, the next person was going to start driving.

I was like ‘ oh!! Not today satan’. Excuse me I said, I need to get the fuck out of this car now!! I didn’t say it like that ofcourse haha I said it nicely with no curse words😂.

giphy (62)

They were all shocked I wanted to leave, like they just didn’t understand being with them wasn’t interesting to me. As lagos is filled with so many people pleasers😂 They wanted me to stay till the end just to make them all happy, and maybe they will have good words about me but no, thanks. I’ll pass ha ha.

I got out of the crowded little car and didn’t even say goodbye. Well for two reasons, first I was very hungry I mean it was in the morning I hadn’t even had breakfast yet and two I was pissed as usual with the instructor.

I feel like from the beginning to the end of my driving lessons, I was always angry and disappointed at my instructor for one reason or the other. He just wasn’t my favorite person😂

But finally, I completed my driving lessons though not the most pleasant but I did learn some useful stuffs, hopefully I won’t forget all I have learnt anytime soon.

giphy (63)

P.s I wouldn’t want to drive a manually operated car again. It’s just so stressful. I stan automatically operated cars for life😂

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2 thoughts on “My Time At Driving Lessons Pt 3: The Overcrowded Car

  1. I would have gotten out too…but probably would have cursed so I applaud your patience!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ha ha)) the struggle was real though!
      Thanks Abbi❤️

      Liked by 1 person

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