The Xpel Body Care (XBC) Sheet Mask Review

Hello! And Welcome to my Beauty Segment where I give my honest thoughts on skincare products. Welcome to a new skincare review on my blog.

Today I shall be writing on a facial mask I recently used called XPEL BODY CARE BLACK TISSUE CHARCOAL DETOX FACIAL MASK.

I purchased this facial mask at a supermarket in Lagos called Just-rite for the sum of 650 Naira (2USD). I was basically looking for any facial mask to purchase when I stumbled on this one.

MAIN COMPONENTS: Charcoal and Hyaluronic acid.

GUARANTEES: It claims to remove dirt and impurities, unclog pores and regulate moisture and oil imbalances in the skin. Leaving the skin to feel cleansed and hydrated.

MY OVERALL THOUGHTS: Firstly, the scent to me is horrible! It smelled kinda spicy/garlicky. I couldn’t really put words to the smell but I know for sure that I totally disliked it.

Secondly, Immediately I removed the mask from the pack, the serum was literally just dripping everywhere. So messy! I was really annoyed.

Thirdly, the mask was poorly cut out, the holes couldn’t fit my eyes, nose and mouth properly. It was closing my eyes and it sat uncomfortably on my lips, also the texture of the facial mask is horrible! It didn’t feel soft or like a gentle tissue at all. It felt like sandpaper on my face🙄 It was really rough, bad.

The instructions for applications was to put on for 15-20minutes, massage the serum for 5minutes then rinse off with warm water. Ok, cool.

I put the mask on, upon feeling the texture of the mask and perceiving the scent I wanted to remove it immediately but I held on and lasted for 20minutes. Afterwards, I massaged for a minute and afterwards left unwashed on my face for 4 minutes.

I washed off the serum and my observations were,

  • My skin felt a little tightened
  • My skin didn’t feel hydrated at all, just quite matified and dry🙄
    My skin did looked and felt cleansed anyways. It wasn’t sticky afterwards, well of course, it shouldn’t be. I rinsed the serum off
  • And that was it! There was no big, impressive “wow” effects. I wasn’t expecting so much from this mask but I wasn’t expecting this little as well.
  • I definitely won’t recommend this mask and I won’t be repurchasing either.

  • RATING: 2/5 ⭐️⭐️
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