9 Lessons I Have Learned From Blogging

I’ve been in the blogosphere for a while now, there was a time I ran completely out of ideas also I became discouraged and demotivated to keep going, well that led to the abandonment of my blog for quite a while, though not proud but it did happened.

Nowadays though, I have been blogging more, improving my blogging skills and paying more attention to my blog channel, in sense of that, I will like to share some lessons I have learned from my new improved time blogging and from the blogging community.

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Blogging requires a lot of time and effort, but as a part-time blogger there are other important things that also needs my time and  attention, thereby giving me limited time to write regularly. So, I have learned and put into practice the act of scheduling. Anytime I have enough free time on weekends or vacation, I write a bunch and schedule them for later.

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I have come to realize that monitoring and obsessing over my blog stats will only distract me from my goal of writing. Because sometimes, after writing a really good post, you might think traffic will be boomed on that post but that might not be the case. As sometimes, even the best blog posts might not get enough expected views and that’s okay! Checking your stats consistency will only get you discouraged and cause you to lose interest.



I have learned to always put out good quality contents that will be useful to my readers, sometimes a blog post can be super amazing but irrelevant to the reader in all major and minor aspects of their existence, they just read all, commend your efforts and gain nothing.



Regular posting I have learned makes your presence known in the blogging community, when your readers know you always write, they will always look forward to reading more from you. But if you disappear too often and without a reason, you will be easily forgotten and when you come around writing apologies, no one would care.



I have realized that putting out short great blog posts sometimes is better than writing an epistle. Readers easily get bored and they will likely not get to the end of the posts.

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Images makes reading a blog post so much more interesting I learned, especially long blog posts, interrupting most paragraphs in these kinds of blogs makes them so much more appealing to read rather than a picture-less long epistle.

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I have learned that you can’t please everyone with your writing or even with your way of life in general. So, always write on what you naturally always wanted to blog about, don’t follow a band-wagon of bloggers writing on some popular niche of blogging but you really don’t have interest in those. You’re just doing it for the views, trust me! that commitment won’t last. Boredom will set in quickly.

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Being part of the WordPress blogging community, I have learned that supporting other bloggers and their blogs is necessary for the growth and sustainability of your blogs, as such little nice gestures can attract the right attention to your page and contents.

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I have gained an understanding that big success don’t come in a day or two, it takes time and efforts to achieve. To have a booming traffic on your site takes a lot of time and hard work but it will eventually happen. Don’t rush, keep at your pace and enjoy your progress. Slow and Steady Wins The Race

If you work slowly but constantly, you will succeed better than if you work fast for a short while and do not continue.

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15 thoughts on “9 Lessons I Have Learned From Blogging

  1. Thanks .This tips are really amazing ,followed you on IG btw.

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    1. Thank you for reading))
      I’ll check ig asap💕


  2. Great Post! Just got back to blogging again and this put somethings into perspective!

    Thanks for sharing!


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for reading))

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    1. Thank you so much))

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  3. V

    I agree with everything except for ‘Shorter is better’. I think that if you’re truly passionate about what you’re writing about, people will grasp that through your words and they’ll read from start to finish because the post means as much to them as it did to you in writing it.

    That being said, perhaps shorter is best if you’re writing crap just to write. But you don’t strike me like the type to just put crap on your blog for attention.

    I’ll stop rambling now.


    1. That point stated that it will be best to put out short great blog posts…. I didn’t literally mean write 30words and call it a day ha ha, it’s just sometimes very very long posts can get boring on the way and as a writer, putting your readers interest in mind is also as important as your writing.
      So instead of pouring your heart out in one long post, it will be lovely to break down the post in short and interesting sequels.
      Readers will be excited to come back to read more about the topic.
      But that’s just my opinion and the lessons I learnt.
      Thank you for reading though💕

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    1. Thank you so much!

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  4. Great lessons! I couldn’t agree more with the consistency point. Coming up on my 1 year blogging anniversary, and can’t wait to share lessons I’ve learned in my “short” period blogging.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for reading! And I can’t wait to read on the lessons you learnt from blogging 💕

      Liked by 1 person

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