Kissing Tips: 9 Ways To Give A Memorable French Kiss

Sharing a kiss with your date or partner can be nerve racking the first few time, most especially the first time. You tend to get nervous when you’re about to share a passionate first kiss with someone special, just because of the uncertainty That comes with locking lips with someone for the first time. Will the kiss be reciprocated? Will the kiss get your partner upset? Are you using too much or too little tongue? So many confusing questions might arise.

But, Stay calm! Here are some kissing tips to help make your special lip moments more memorable and passionate with your lover.


Take a nice long, hot shower before embarking on your date or meeting, do not go smelling like sweat and body juice, No! That’s a total absolute turn off. Rather, dress nicely, put on some deodorant and your favorite perfume. Your manner of appearance says a whole lot about you as a person.


Stay away from smelly, spicy food before your date. Garlic and onions lovers most especially, try to be considerate! Do not inconvenience your date with your bad breath, brush and floss your teeth well, hours before and also you can chew some minty fresh gum for better minty fresh breath.

  • EXFOLIATE AND MOISTURIZE YOUR LIPS: It’s not quite attractive to have chapped lips when meeting someone special for a pleasant time together, make absolute sure that your lips are looking right and sexy. Exfoliate with a lip scrub and accompany that with a moisturizing lip-balm for best effects and To the ladies, put on a sensational lip-color afterwards.



You wouldn’t want to engage in a passionate kiss in a very open place, you might end up being a nuisance to people and parents with young children. Choose a place that is quiet,romantic and private, just the two of you. No disturbances.


This is when the both of you are already relaxed and probably already sipping wine. Draw closer to your partner/date and gently put your arm around them, compliment them on their appearance and how much you love spending time with him/her. Also, this is when you might want to confess your feelings towards them if you have any and you might be lucky that your partner feels the same. But first, make sure you’re already at a stage where you’re absolutely sure your partner is already into you and likes you enough to reciprocate your kiss, do not go ahead if you’re not sure, it will not be fun if you get rejected!



Do not begin the kiss aggressively. No! Be slow and gentle with your lips, do not rush the process, start with a gentle peck on the lips and advance further from there.


Too much tongue only gives a sloppy, disgusting kiss. Be careful, avoid that! Do not attack your partner’s mouth all at once with your snaky tongue. Use your tongue in the right proportion.



Do not let hands just hang low by your sides during a kiss. Move them. Run your hand through your partner’s hair, touch their neck, cheeks, hold their sides or wrap your hands around their back. Make sure the touch is appropriate and non-offensive, no funny business!


Do not initially continue kissing for minutes and hours, stop after a few minutes to observe your partner’s facial expression and body language. Look directly into your partner’s eyes and smile. Tell how much you loved kissing them and how much you will love to do it again. If he/she looks upset, angry and doesn’t smile back well! The end. But, if your smile is reciprocated and you’re also maybe complimented, then the feelings are mutual. You can then both decide to continue pleasuring your lips for a little while more or take the romantic night to the passionate next level.

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