Postnatal Health: 8 Ways To Overcome Postpartum Depression

The birth of a baby is a joyous event where happiness and relief is meant to be felt and bonds are supposed to be created between mother and child. But giving birth can also trigger an unexpected emotional change in the new mama called postpartum depression. It typically appears between 4-6 weeks after delivery and it can manifest symptoms such as: Sadness, loss of concentration, poor appetite, excessive crying, feeling guilt and hopelessness, anxiety, mood swings, irritability, feeling of being overwhelmed, panic attacks, low sex drive, difficulties sleeping and so much more that can arise.

Today, I will be sharing some tips which can help you can get through these depressive times, if you’re feeling a little down and overwhelmed after bringing forth your precious little one.

  • GET INVOLVED IN HAPPY ACTIVITIES, Take some “me, myself and I” time out from time to time. Treat yourself to nice things and participate in fun activities that will make you happy and fulfilled. Just a simple jogging or a bubble bath can elevate your entire day’s mood.


  • SURROUND YOURSELF WITH YOUR LOVED ONES, Do not isolate yourself or stay secluded from your family, friends and acquaintances. Always have the ones that love you around you at all times, as those are the ones that will always have your back. When you’re feeling down, do not be afraid to talk about your feelings with them, They will always have words to comfort you and elevate your mood at all times.


  • REMEMBER YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL, Pregnancy and childbirth can bring about some changes in your body which are added features to remind you of how strong and powerful you are. Never think you’re ugly for a second! Always remind yourself that you’re a fabulous, beautiful woman whose strength is immeasurable. And I’m telling you that you’re awesome and super gorgeous, be proud of your new body and remind yourself each day that you’re that strong bitch!


  • EXERCISE, Working out can help take your mind off worries and anxiety. No vigorous exercises are needed, a simple 30 minutes long distance walk, stretching or yoga meditations can suffice. Studies have also shown that exercises help depreciate the symptoms of depression and also you will feel great and comfortable in your own skin afterwards.

laughing baby playing with mother

  • BOND WITH YOUR BABY, create a strong emotional bond between you and your child, look your baby in the eyes and smile, watch your child smile back at you. Admire this little human that you have carried and delivered all by yourself. Open up your heart to love and care for your child. Bonding with your baby will benefit your child and also help you release endorphins that will make you happier and more confident in your mommy abilities.


  • SLEEP WELL, Get your partner, mother or entire family to babysit while you get some much needed sleep. Always make sure to get enough rest, though it might not be possible to sleep for 8 hours with the presence of a newborn but you must make sure to sleep quite enough to help you feel energized, as poor sleeping habits can make depression even worse.


  • JOIN A MOM SUPPORT GROUP, Interacting with other new and experienced mamas can help you feel better about your parenting skills. Having positive interactions and emotional support from other mothers can reduce your stress and boost your self confidence and esteem.


  • TRY THERAPY, If you’ve tried all else that is made lifestyle changes, sorted support and so on but you don’t feel much better. Then it will be wise to seek counseling and psychotherapy, speak to a professional about your concerns and feelings. You will be guided on how to manage your feelings and respond to your situations positively. Also antidepressants can be prescribed if needed.

Be Strong. Be in good health!

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4 thoughts on “Postnatal Health: 8 Ways To Overcome Postpartum Depression

  1. Great tips, Esther! Joining a mom support was a great help for me to overcome postpartum depression.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m glad you were able to overcome it!
      Thanks for reading 💕💕


  2. Awesome read! I think it is so important to talk about postpartum and not keep it hidden. There are so many women who suffer from it but are scared to admit it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. This is so true!
      I believe all kinds of depression especially postpartum should be spoken more about and women should be encouraged to seek help💞

      Liked by 1 person

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