Gavïa Activated Charcoal Black Mask Review

Hello blog fam! You know what time it is🤩 Let’s discuss skincare.

Today, I will be writing on my experience with my recently tried sheet mask THE GAVÏA ACTIVATED CHARCOAL BLACK MASK.

I purchased this product at a store in Lagos at the retail price of 850 Naira (3USD).

It’s Main Components are Charcoal and Hyaluronic acid.


It does promise to help create a more radiant, clean, clear and young complexion.


Firstly, I appreciated the scent. It had a good fragrance. It also came with a film on the sheet mask like a protective doppelgänger. Now those are the positives😃

Now secondly, it didn’t adhere well to my face like it just wouldn’t stick, it kept coming up at corners and basically everywhere. It was very stressing to work with.

Now to the effects, I noticed nothing amazing or new just that my face was quite greasy afterwards like what?! I thought it was a charcoal mask. I was disappointed though because in terms of effects it had none. I looked the same before and after the mask.

I wasn’t impressed! So I do not recommend this mask.

RATING: 2/5 ⭐️⭐️

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Much Love❤️

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