My Nighttime Skincare Routine

Hey blog fam! Sometimes ago not too long ago I wrote on My Morning Skincare Routine which you should definitely check out if you haven’t read it and I promised to deliver to you guys my night time skincare routine in a future post.

Well, the future is here and now😅 as I will be writing all about my sleepy time routine today, so do continue to read to know all about it.

So after a long productive day, I take off my makeup if I was wearing any with baby wipes and my eye makeup especially with micellar water ( MIXA MICELLAR WATER). I then take a shower and then I start my skincare steps.


This is a step in both my morning and night routines, I always cleanse my skin. Very important! So firstly, I cleanse once again with my AFRICAN UNREFINED BLACK SOAP. I always start my treatment with the black soap because it has a deep cleanse effect. My skin is always squeaky clean. I then gently cleanse again with my GARNIER PURE ACTIVE INTENSIVE ANTI-BLACKHEAD CHARCOAL GEL WASH.



Afterwards I gently scrub my face with my gentle grit scrub also from garnier called THE GARNIER PURE ACTIVE 3 IN 1 CHARCOAL MASK. It gives my face a smooth finish and a clean base for my facial clay and sheet masks.



I don’t apply this mask everyday of the week, I make use of it about two or three times a week and that does it for me. For my mask time I apply my L’OREAL PARIS PURE CLAY DETOXIFYING+BRIGHTENING CHARCOAL MASK. I hope to find a mask that works better than this mask soon for a review but for now this mask serves me well.


After rinsing off the charcoal mask, I wipe my face gently with my facial lotion, either the GARNIER PURE ACTIVE PORE PURIFYING LOTION OR THE CLEAN&CLEAR BLACK SPOT CLEANSER. I use either both in my morning and night routine.


After swiping off any remaining dirt, I then indulge myself in a sheet mask facial treatment. My favorite segment in my routine just because it’s so relaxing and calming. I use different brands of sheet masks from garnier to korean masks and I have a few favorites like THE ESFOLIO SNAIL ESSENCE MASK,


THE EYENLIP BEAUTY CHARCOAL MOISTURE ESSENCE MASK and some other impressive masks I have tried. This is my favorite part of my skincare routine. I have the reviews on these masks on the blog, so go ahead and check them out if interested.

After my spa treatment with the sheet masks, I don’t use a moisturizer afterwards because sheet masks are quite moisturizing and using an additional moisturizer on my face is just too much to me. So I skip this step, I only use moisturizers when I don’t make use of sheet masks so then I use my ZIAJA CHAMOMILE FACE CREAM ( for all skin-types).

Upon concluding my routine, I have my dinner and relax on my bed till I drift off to dreamland. Which is always very fast😅

In the future I might give an update on my morning and evening routine featuring new products. So that will be soon!

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Much Love ❤️

2 thoughts on “My Nighttime Skincare Routine

  1. Heavenly in a World Protected Home

    You have beautiful skin!

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    1. Thank you so much❤️

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