Lost Your Voice?: 8 Ways To Resolve Hoarseness

As the cold months are upon us, it’s so easy to catch a cold. I just recently recovered from a random cold that robbed me of my voice temporarily ofcourse.

Though not my first time getting acute laryngitis (this is when the larynx becomes inflamed, thereby affecting your voice box, making your voice hoarse or too low to be heard). I really hate losing my voice because firstly, it’s stressing to speak with a hoarse voice and secondly, I teach kids part time, I’m sure the kids were scared😂 and also teaching with a hoarse voice is tiring.

Sometimes, the cause of hoarseness is not cold, it can also be caused by the over using of your voice like shouting, singing, excessive coughing and so on.

But anyways, I’m not going to go into details about the causes or symptoms. Today is all about the solutions, ways and remedies to help regain your vocals quickly after losing it.

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Like literally, stop! Just shut up haha. Seriously, try to keep quiet, but since this is almost impossible to observe, try to speak less and quietly, no shouting or straining. The less you speak the faster your larynx will recover.

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Drink plenty liquids so as to soothe your sore throat, preferably warm liquids. It could be tea, soup or just plain warm water, this will aid speedy recovery. You might want to stay away from extremely cold fluid at this time.

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If you’ve ever been to the doctor’s with the complain of sore throat, among all recommended treatments, you will be advised to perform a salt-water gargle for at least 6 times a day. Medical practitioners stan this and it actually does work.

Just put 1 spoonful of salt in a glass of warm water, this method can help soothe the irritated tissue in your throat.



Go ahead to the pharmacy or any of your local drug stores and purchase some soothing candy for your throat. These can be strepsils, lorenges, halls etc and also get you some menthol chewing gums. These are great to suck on or chew, as it helps increase your saliva production which helps moisten your throat.



Well, in the cold weathers, it’s only fitting to take a hot bathe instead of a cold one, right? But remember you can also get a sore throat in the sunny summer months too and you might not be pleased with the idea of a hot shower. Make sure to always take a warm shower if you happen to lose your voice, this will help moisten and soothe your vocal cords.



Boil some water, pour in a bucket and then try to hold your head over hot water with your mouth open for taking deep breathes. You can put a towel over your head, so the heat won’t escape. Works great. It’s going to be like you’re in a sauna for your face.

But if you can’t handle so much heat on your face, you can just stick to hot showers.

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Already smoking is known to be very harmful to our health, but if you’re an addict. You might want to temporarily stop puffing, as this will only irritate your throat more and also no drinking! As alcohol can dry out your throat the more and we wouldn’t want that to go on.



Go see a doctor, state your complaints and the right recommendations will be given to you to help reduce the inflammation quickly.

Though, the doctor’s is the last resort after all else fails but again acute laryngitis resolves quickly within a week or two, with the right remedies even earlier. So you might not need to visit the doctor afterwards.

Stay warm… Stay healthy❤️

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