7 Ways To Adequately Prepare For A Job Interview

You just graduated college or university and it’s time to dust your diploma in search of your desired job or just a very suitable employment. You then get to filling application forms and sending your Curriculum Vitae (CV) to different establishments.

Finally, after about 10 trials you get a call back, excitement, anxiety and other indescribable feelings flood your mind. Now it’s time to prepare for your interview, do not feel anxious, here are some pointers to help you score your dream job.


Read thoroughly on the company and its policies, find out as much as you can about your intended place of work. Jot down intelligent questions also to ask your interviewer if you didn’t understand some informations about the establishment.

This extra effort will leave a good impression on your intended employers demonstrating that you’re serious and you did research. Knowing about the company’s details is as important as knowing your job description.


Take the time out to practice and go over your answers to your future interview questions. Find some interview questions online or think of so and go through with your friends or family members. Practice answering the questions in the same way you would in the actual interview. This will help calm your nerves and make you more confident in your skills.



Pick out your interview outfit early and not just that, make sure to pick out an appropriate, professional outfit. Choose the right wear that fits the position you applied for. Also keep your makeup and jewelries minimal and simple. Leaving a good first impression with your outfit is important. Well, except if it’s a phone interview then your physical appearance doesn’t really matter, just everything else.


Make sure to know the address and destination of the company, use google map to find the location and the best ways of transportation. On the day of the interview, leave home very early to avoid being late, if you own a car, leave early to avoid traffic jams. Some Employers won’t accept late arrivals, so be careful.



It’s important to remember to bring along printed copies of your resumé, CV and other proofs of your qualifications. Your interviewers already have them of course though, that’s why you were invited for the interview but it’s equally important to have them with you in hard copies on the day of the interview. Also make sure to study and remember every skills and qualifications you put on your resumé, so as to answer confidently when it comes up.


Talk about your professional skills confidently, answer each question you’re asked without fear but powerfully. Speak highly of your qualifications, don’t be scared to speak about your job experiences if you have any and state why it will be beneficial to the company if you’re hired.

This will help convince your potential employer that bringing you forward for the interview was a good decision and you might indeed be the best fit for the job position.



Send a follow up note to your potential employer, thanking them for their time, reminding them of your intense questioning moments together and restate why you’re the right fit for the job position. Also invite them to ask additional questions if there was still some uncertainties.

Finally, interviews can be nerve wracking but don’t worry get some good sleep, take deep breathes and go confidently to get the job.

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