To Be A Leader!

You can’t be taught how to be a leader You have to learn to be a leader A leader puts others first A good leader takes control of situations, makes the impossible possible. A leader leads with love and respect A leader is a friend of the people A good leader is dependable, reliable and … Continue reading To Be A Leader!

The Holika Holika Pure Essence Sheet Masks Review.

Hello blog fam😃 I’m so excited its another sheet mask review. Today I shall be giving my two cents on these sheet masks I recently purchased called the Holika Holika Pure Essence Sheet Masks. There are ten masks from the series but I got just three, The Shea Butter sheet mask, The Pearl Sheet mask … Continue reading The Holika Holika Pure Essence Sheet Masks Review.

Happy Birthday Babe!

Today is the day my special man was born!! I’m so excited. It’s my baby’s birthday. I have been anticipating and patiently waiting for this day, just like I always do since we met. I feel like I’m always more exited about his birthday than I am for mine😅. I thank God almighty for creating … Continue reading Happy Birthday Babe!

My Everyday Busy Uni Girl Routine

Hello blog fam! Today is all about my daily routines. What do I get myself involved in on a daily basis? Haha, Nothing fun! Actually In uni, daily life can be a little bitty boring though. I know mine is😂 I was initially going to write on a day in my life as a student … Continue reading My Everyday Busy Uni Girl Routine