Unique Human!

You’re beautiful! You’re unique! Among over seven billion people in the world, You only exist! You’re an original, no other person has your unique features! So give no thoughts to whatever anyone thinks of you! Don’t conform to people’s expectations! Shine bright like a diamond! Raise above the ashes like a Phoenix! Stay Unique forever! … Continue reading Unique Human!

Your Number 1 Fan!

Work hard and stay positive! Always stay encouraging and pushing yourself! Be your biggest fan! Don’t listen to anyone with foolish talks and gossip! For no one can love like you can and no one will push you like you should. Don’t limit yourself! For the sky is only the beginning when you strive for … Continue reading Your Number 1 Fan!

Blog + Blogger Recognition!

HOW TO LIVE A LIFE WITH PURPOSE by Mirrox from blog HOW TO LIVE A HAPPY LIFE was really interesting for me to read because it states why you shouldn’t delay to live everyday of my life with zeal, enthusiasm and purpose. And in addition to this inspiring posts, He also writes useful articles on … Continue reading Blog + Blogger Recognition!


Be the rising sunshine in someone’s dark clouds Be the reason an individual smiles. Smile for no reason, laugh just because you can! Don’t be dishonest in your dealings, treat others fairly just like you will like to be treated. Spread positivity! Have a positive energy and vibe always. For this life is short! So … Continue reading Happiness!