The Time My Nail Tech Did Me Dirty!

So I used to have a nail technician that I absolutely adored and stayed completely loyal to, if my nail tech was not in town I don’t go to another salon or something, I stay till she returns and then make an appointment.. And in case I travel out of town and during my vacation, … Continue reading The Time My Nail Tech Did Me Dirty!

Online Madness!

Don’t we just love the internet?, it’s an interesting place where we get to express ourselves and have a little bit of fun.There are lots of interesting things to do on the internet, social media is a very powerful platform in our generation now but unfortunately it is taking over our lives not in the … Continue reading Online Madness!

STORYTIME; The Nasty Creep!

Have you ever met a creep that was unbelievably forward and a little insane? Well, maybe you haven’t but I definitely have met such creep hahaha (goosebumps).Today I will be sharing my encounter with some nasty ass creep I met sometimes ago.. okay enjoy😂.So, it all happened on a Sunday sometime ago, I know, I … Continue reading STORYTIME; The Nasty Creep!

Be In Control !

Life is all about making choices, choices that we make by Ourselves not choices made by people for us. For example; being in a situation whereby you try to please everyone around you and you try to make everyone happy but You are not happy… you made others happy at the detriment of your own … Continue reading Be In Control !


Going commando is the new sexy (lol really I’m not kidding) its not an abomination neither is it sluty (banish these thoughts ladies!), but actually it is good and healthy for the vagina and really there is no theory that states that being butt naked is a sin and we must wear panties all the … Continue reading DITCH THE PANTIES!


Period is a natural occurrence that every female go through every month for 3-5days. Having your period is nothing to be ashamed of or disgusted about.. Its normal👍 It’s a great time to enjoy yourself, put your feet up and eat all the snacks you want😂… Actually, No! These are the painful days:) when you … Continue reading 17 PERIOD HACKS EVERY FEMALE SHOULD KNOW☆