Happy Birthday Babe!

Today is the day my special man was born!! I’m so excited. It’s my baby’s birthday. I have been anticipating and patiently waiting for this day, just like I always do since we met. I feel like I’m always more exited about his birthday than I am for mine😅. I thank God almighty for creating … Continue reading Happy Birthday Babe!

How I Met My Man// My Relationship Story

I never thought I could find love again, I had completely given up all hope to fall in love but I guess it wasn’t the right time then because when the right time came by, I found love and also fell in love. This is the blissful story of how I met my future baby … Continue reading How I Met My Man// My Relationship Story


Hi lovlies,  firstly, I will like to apology for not blogging for so long (been so freaking busy with exams) but right now I’m on vacation (yipee) so I hope to write more often now *shy smile*  and secondly, I was nominated for the liebster award *happy dance* by three bloggers : smalleewrites, naturallydory and Eunice E I am … Continue reading LIEBSTER AWARD NOMINATION!!