Blog + Blogger Recognition!

HOW TO LIVE A LIFE WITH PURPOSE by Mirrox from blog HOW TO LIVE A HAPPY LIFE was really interesting for me to read because it states why you shouldn’t delay to live everyday of my life with zeal, enthusiasm and purpose. And in addition to this inspiring posts, He also writes useful articles on … Continue reading Blog + Blogger Recognition!

9 Lessons I Have Learned From Blogging

I’ve been in the blogosphere for a while now, there was a time I ran completely out of ideas also I became discouraged and demotivated to keep going, well that led to the abandonment of my blog for quite a while, though not proud but it did happened. Nowadays though, I have been blogging more, … Continue reading 9 Lessons I Have Learned From Blogging

My Top 4 Most Useful Blogging Apps

Every blogger needs help to ensure their blogging quest is less stressful and successful in the long run, and nowadays! there are so many apps available on all platforms (android, windows and Ios) to assist bloggers add more fun features to their blog posts. I especially love my blogging apps, They provide assistance to me … Continue reading My Top 4 Most Useful Blogging Apps

Blog Exposure: Useful Blogging Tips 101

After successfully setting up your blog, now you are faced with the challenge of getting your contents across to potential readers. Though the reach out to convert potential visitors into loyal readers might not be easy, sometimes very frustrating but nevertheless it’s achievable. How can you achieve this goal? How can you double your present … Continue reading Blog Exposure: Useful Blogging Tips 101

Easy Steps To Owning A Successful Blog

Having a blog is pretty exciting, the feeling that your contents and posts helps someone or makes a person feel better is satisfying. Now, having a blog is one thing, but starting it from the scratch is another thing. As we all know the beginning of a success story is never easy, but with consistency … Continue reading Easy Steps To Owning A Successful Blog


I’m so excited about this post!! I got nominated by smalleewrites for the Blogger’s recognition award!! Really I wasn’t expecting this award and I am super grateful for this wonderful platform of recognition.. The rules of this award are: Write a post to show  the award Acknowledge the blogger who got you nominated! Give a brief story … Continue reading BLOGGER’S RECOGNITION AWARD!!