Your Number 1 Fan!

Work hard and stay positive! Always stay encouraging and pushing yourself! Be your biggest fan! Don’t listen to anyone with foolish talks and gossip! For no one can love like you can and no one will push you like you should. Don’t limit yourself! For the sky is only the beginning when you strive for … Continue reading Your Number 1 Fan!


Be the rising sunshine in someone’s dark clouds Be the reason an individual smiles. Smile for no reason, laugh just because you can! Don’t be dishonest in your dealings, treat others fairly just like you will like to be treated. Spread positivity! Have a positive energy and vibe always. For this life is short! So … Continue reading Happiness!

Motivation Tuesday!!!

Every Winner was once a Loser! Every Successor was once a failure! Every success story had some hard times included) Nobody achieves something great or legendary the first time! You just have to keep trying till you find your big break! Don’t be discouraged! Keep going and Don’t give up! You’ve got this. Much Love … Continue reading Motivation Tuesday!!!

What Is Your Purpose?

Purpose! What is purpose though? Purpose is a reason or The reason something is created or exists. Now! Life purpose! What is your life purpose? What is the reason why you exist on this planet earth? Now, can we say our ambitions or talents is our purpose in life? Is education and bagging degrees our … Continue reading What Is Your Purpose?