Know Your Worth!

Don’t accept to be treated like a lowlife Don’t accept to be treated with disrespect Know the difference between what you’re getting and what you really deserve Your feelings matter, don’t settle for nothing short of perfect Don’t allow yourself to be treated as an option because you’re the main thing When you start seeing … Continue reading Know Your Worth!

To Be A Leader!

You can’t be taught how to be a leader You have to learn to be a leader A leader puts others first A good leader takes control of situations, makes the impossible possible. A leader leads with love and respect A leader is a friend of the people A good leader is dependable, reliable and … Continue reading To Be A Leader!

Unique Human!

You’re beautiful! You’re unique! Among over seven billion people in the world, You only exist! You’re an original, no other person has your unique features! So give no thoughts to whatever anyone thinks of you! Don’t conform to people’s expectations! Shine bright like a diamond! Raise above the ashes like a Phoenix! Stay Unique forever! … Continue reading Unique Human!


Be the rising sunshine in someone’s dark clouds Be the reason an individual smiles. Smile for no reason, laugh just because you can! Don’t be dishonest in your dealings, treat others fairly just like you will like to be treated. Spread positivity! Have a positive energy and vibe always. For this life is short! So … Continue reading Happiness!